Dj Judge D aka Heiko Maass was born into a workers family 39 years ago. He grew up in south Braunschweig and got involved with the rave scene in the early 90th. After years in the rave scene the idea of being a DJ became too intense and in 1995 he got started. After only one year he already had various DJ gigs in the Braunschweig area. Playing electronic music of finest quality, combining different elements and playing music from the deepest of his heart makes his style unique and the early influences of reggae, funk, electro and house music are still obvious. 1After residencies in Braunschweigs D&B Roots-clubs LuLu-Bar and Jolly Joker from 1996-1998 he started, due to a lack of promoters, his own D&B events. Legendary event series like Bassphemie and Roughride Session followed up by New Dimensions, DEEPSOUL and 3rd LEVEL brought too many popular artists of the Drum&Bass scene to braunschweig town to name it. At present he promotes and manages the Night Flight Club @ Jolly Joker and unregular raves in different venues in and around Braunschweig. Up to today he played all major raves in Germany including Kings of the Jungle,World of Drum & Bass, Get The Sun, Dreamland, Jungle Mania, One Nation, Passion, Sunsation… just to name a few. He also holds residencies at various D&B clubs. Watch out for more massive performances!